Package production


It's the corner of the designer.

This is my first blog post ✨

I made a new package to send the product today, so I'd like to introduce it to you.

neith. uses paper made from recycled waste paper called bogas paper so as not to burden the environment as much as possible during shipping. (We sometimes use thin paper called thin paper when delivering small items.)

In order to deliver the products you ordered this time, we all came up with ideas to make a paper bag like this to make it even cuter.

It is an original paper bag with stitch color.

If you look closely at this bogus paper, there are occasional pink parts that make it cute♡lol

I sewed and made one by one.

I made it with various colors of thread, so please look forward to what color stitch color you will receive ♡

By the way, for the corners, I cut this bogas paper into small pieces and put them in the kitchen.

If you wipe off the dirt and oil on the dishes with this bogus paper before washing the dishes, you can save detergent and water, and not washing off the seasonings and oil is also environmentally friendly.

Please try it by all means ♡