High & Low Denim Skirt編

High & Low Denim Skirt

High & Low Denim Skirt

The second in the denim series is a skirt.

Like other denim series, there are many things to talk about,

As for skirts, taller people,

I can recommend it to those who are low!

I would like to focus on that point.

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To be honest, this kind of half-finished length is the most difficult, isn't it?

I think there are many people who think

The solution to that problem is

Make it the biggest design point

This is also the biggest functionality point

folded design

That's it!

Originally from this high waist trend

A call to action for the next Low West fad.


Liberation from being influenced by trends

I designed it for

It fits people of various systems!

I discovered that as a by-product.

Because you can freely decide the position of the waist.

So there are too many sales pitches

I'm a little confused.

Because the text will be too long.

This design, how to fasten the button is up to the wearer!

You can also fasten everything and wear it like a dress like ↓!

In slightly the same clothes

You can't see it, can you?

Also, the waist loop (not visible in the photo)

There are two places on the top and bottom, and the waist positioning is up to you!

You may stop at a position without loops.

Because it is a denim skirt with a completely new idea

If you can style with free ideas

I'm so happy!

If you find a nice dress, please DM me

Please let us know by posting on Instagram!

Oh yeah, the back style is NACE original

A pina patch too!

The back is also cool! is.

By all means, by all means neith, one push

denim series

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