High & Low Wide Denim Slacks編

High & Low Wide Denim Slacks

The long-awaited OLD DENIM series has arrived!

All the staff for the wonderfully beautiful workmanship that is the same as the time of the sample

I feel relieved.

Well, thank you for waiting for the third denim series!

Introducing pants.

I have a lot to say about this as well,

I will focus on the beauty of the silhouette.

Involuntarily, “Long legs!!!”

The height of the model is 162 cm.

Well, I really like your style

more this time

I want to say the excellence of the silhouette of this denim pants.

Therefore, as much as anyone

You will be able to improve your style even more!

Opposite to so-called jeans,

A slightly formal silhouette.

I made this silhouette with a denim material,

The place is irresistible for clothes lovers

It is a heart-warming point.

Mr. F worked on the paper pattern for this silhouette.

What is neith.'s creative team?

A veteran pattern maker with whom I have had a long relationship.


I made a lot and arrived

It is a silhouette that can be recommended from the bottom of my heart.

A press line that smoothly enters the center front.

Even though it is wide pants, it has a hip-up effect

A silhouette that makes your legs look longer.

I feel that 3-5 cm looks longer than it actually is.

I am a personal impression (lol)

Just like a skirt, you can mix and match as you like

One of the attractions.

When wearing a salopette style inner

You can play a lot with how you choose.

beautiful material

iconic pina patch

Nice denim pants from all directions

Please get it!

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