Old Denim Bustier編

Old Denim Bustier edition

Old Denim Bustier

How are you doing?
Finally, the long-awaited denim arrived!
The girl mode is stronger than usual, but when you see cute things in front of you, it's something that naturally happens.
NON WASH, this denim that is admired by the beauty of its subtle sheen♡
We use high quality fabrics.
These exciting denims are, after all, wonderful.
We will introduce it in all 4 times!


Pick up the bustier for the first time!
"No, my recent self. I'm slacking off..."
Do you ever feel that way?
Bad skin, bad nails, ah, the same clothes every day...
It tends to be a low tension like this.
How about getting a bustier in such a case? (smile)
Just by adding this child to the styling,
Physically, my spine is shaki --- N! It grows with
It has a strong psychological effect.
Stitches reminiscent of medieval corsets,
Discerning silhouette,
On the back side, using a cut material rich in elasticity,
It combines a tight silhouette with comfort.
Of course, we recommend neith.'s denim skirts and pants.
It is a styling that combines ↓

It is also recommended to wear it like a belt over your dress, T-shirt, shirt, etc.
As the shoulder strap is removable,
It is better to remove it when styling like this.

After all, it is made of denim material, so you can match it with any color pattern.

And pay attention to the waist part! is.

It is a curve of commitment.

You can show your skin at a glance and it's elegant and sexy,

You can also see the slimming effect when viewed from the front!

Not excellent at all!

I recommend it with confidence!

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