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Double Collar Shirt Dress(Blue)

Double Collar Shirt Dress(Blue)

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Two collars with different shapes and a delicate sleeve design that folds over like a cape.
In fact, despite the fact that it has a very complicated structure, we aimed for a simple and elegant finish.

The back style is boldly embroidered to add a sporty and edgy element.

The design, which resembles a dual personality, is fun and pleasing to the eye, with different silhouettes no matter where you look at it from 360 degrees.

Enjoy removing the long cuffs, tying the sleeves in the back, or tying them in the front... A special shirt dress that shows too many expressions depending on your ingenuity. Words can't convey it, so please check the wearing image. cute.

Color: Blue (3 colors available)
Material: Body 100% cotton

size F.
Length 77cm
bust 100cm
sleeve length 87cm

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