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Shaga Embroidery Frill Collar(Blue)

Shaga Embroidery Frill Collar(Blue)

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Neith.'s detachable collar, which was very popular last time, has been completed with a more sensitive finish.

Embroidery is even more luxurious, and 4 different ways of attachment are possible.

Please take a look at the wearing image.

*Photos are samples. It may differ from the actual product. The height of the frill collar is slightly shorter than the photo. 4 cm is the actual height.

The flower that is the motif of the embroidery is "Shaga"

The flower language of "莪" is "rebellion"

The core strength and undying vitality hidden in a pretty appearance

Luxurious embroidery and a large collar of the leading role give a little confidence

Put on your sweet combat uniform and take a step forward

Please get a special detachable collar created with such an image.

STRUGGLE Collection ☑ Double Collar Shirt Dress
Corset Hem Shirt
We recommend coordinating with
Please consider this as well.

Material/Care Instructions

Color: Blue (3 colors available)
Country of Origin: China

back length 28cm
back hem width 44cm
shoulder line 20 cm (left and right)
ruffle collar height 4cm

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