Styling the latest winter accessories! Please refer to it!

style 1

Black knit hood is accented.
Fashionable degree UP with accent color green!

A timeless knit hooded black coordination. The color of the logo on the T-shirt, the color of the pumps, etc., are based on monotone coordination. I tried playing with socks and arm warmers to relieve a little unsatisfactory feeling.

style 2

A complete one-tone coordination that goes this far!

The same color coordination is obvious. The beige of the knitted hood is the color of neith.'s sweatshirt, T-shirt and Miracle Fit. An organza skirt from the same neith. is matched with the bottom, giving it a mature atmosphere that is different from style1. I haven't changed my make-up (laughs). Although the same color coordination tends to be mediocre, each item has a unique charm, so it's full of stylish and advanced. After all, let's choose something with a habit! (laughs, but really)

style 3

Simple, easy, but cute❤

A simple outfit with neith.'s long T-shirt and beige knitted pilot cap . I coordinated with boots in a healthy way. The point is to keep the sporty balance of the soft and gentle colors. Also, the boots are excellent, so let me touch them. First of all, the folded design has a boot cut silhouette that makes your legs look longer. The heel part is hidden, so it's great that you don't feel like you're taller! You can enjoy it without feeling like you are working hard.


style 4

This green is the best! coordination of

How many years have you been in love with Green? Green of neith. I strongly recommend green. It's a light, light green. It is a green that seems to be very active in the spring that is approaching little by little. This knit hood green is recommended because it is a color that miraculously fits with neith. T-shirts and sweatshirts.

style 5

High design is the decisive factor. Cute clothes just to wear.

If such a child were walking down the street, everyone would look back, wouldn't they? Cute...a little strange... Coordinated with neith.'s green sweatshirt and white knitted hood . Very attractive though. The decisive factor is the high design of the item. The knit hood is available in 4 colors. White, beige, green, black. This green sweatshirt goes well with any color. Add a bright knit hood for a gentle impression, or choose green or black for a cool impression. Coordination is fun!

style 6

Enjoy the richness of delicate color matching and texture.

After putting together this coordination feature, I once again realize the high potential of neith. T-shirts. The potential is due to the attention to detail, from the color of the stitching and embroidery to the color of the print. It is originally a sporty item, but it also shows such a cute expression. it's recommended. I'm thinking of buying two. Combining the ivory of the knitted pilot cap and the arm warmers, the cuteness and warmth are turned on. I'm happy to be warm.

How did you like the coordination feature? By all means, let's use this as a reference and use the set fair to get through the winter in a warm and cute way!


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