Old Denim Jacket 編

Old Denim Jacket

A series of beautiful OLD DENIM for 4 times

I have been serializing.

Finally, there is the denim jacket.

Although it is a jacket, sleeveless tops, boleros,

I have various faces such as.

The price is the highest in this series

This diversity is like buying three.

On the contrary, it is worth it.

Domestic denim with a faint sheen in NON WASH

Elegant finish with white stitching

Beautiful shoulder line

Skin that peeks out a little every time you move

a denim jacket

There is a reason why it is never called G Jean.

I put it on without closing a button and,

Wear only sleeveless,

Or just use the bolero...

The back style of the bolero is also fashionable.

Not only cute

Design for ease of movement

It seems to be a big success from this spring to summer! ! !

jacket and pants

I want you to get it up and down (honest feeling)

Because it's cool.

I want to increase the number of cool people.

Made from neith.

Purchase from here

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