What we see at this moment

It's just a small part of this tremendously large sphere.

This theme suggests the potential of the brand.

Always continue to challenge and evolve

Neith.'s second full-fledged Collection Item


Stripe Cut Off Jacket

Not to mention the high design of the appearance

Its functionality is noteworthy.

Remove the sleeves for a tailored vest,

Remove the lower body for a cropped jacket

Seven changing shapes

Create endless coordination possibilities.

cropped jacket

Layered all pants and skirts

Striking styling.

Stripe Turndown Slacks

Beautiful bootcut silhouette.

A design that can be worn in a variety of ways.

Styling worn by folding the pants

Simple but extremely destructive.

Styling that raises it to the top of the chest and wears it

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Stripe pleated skirt

With a traditional and neat look

combined with badness

Wrapped skirt with one-way pleats.

With striped inner skirt.

You can wear it neatly by stacking two pieces,

Wrap the upper skirt over the pants

to wear an overskirt

Recommended styling.

Stripe frill blouse

A cute silhouette tunic blouse

Sporty design of stripes and emblems.

A product with a truly neith.-like balance.

Cropped shirt with tie

To the fabric with a sense of thorone

Combined with a disproportionately solid collar and tie,

androgynous shirt.

Whether worn by men or worn by women

It's a sexy shirt.

Asymmetry Accordion Skirt

Blue x Beige

ecru x ecru

A beautiful silhouette that combines different materials

accordion skirt

Because it uses the same material as the cropped shirt

Can be worn as a set.

Power shoulder sweat

Layered Sweat Pants

A very stylish setup.

tops are

Power shoulder x corset motif

Mode finish.

Hood is removable.

For crew neck trainers

Also a balaclava.

trendy sweatpants

The layered design makes it easy to achieve a low rise.

Furthermore, I support a trendy feeling.

Each item has a wide range of coordination, so

This is a hot item!

The side slits also make me cry.

sweat with hoodie

Enjoy unisex

over silhouette

Impressive embroidery and drop shoulder

It creates a feeling of looseness even in its simplicity.

Comfortable with soft brushed material

Have a nice day.

with pocket

commitment of neith.

Hood is removable.

Specifications to fasten the neck with a key hook

Really cute.

What did you think?

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