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Q: What are reserved products?

A: We accept orders in advance for products that have not yet been sold.

Pre-order items have a different delivery time than regular items. Please check each product page.

*If you purchase a [Reserved product] and a [Regular product] at the same time, they will be shipped together with the late shipping product.

Please note that the same applies if you purchase multiple reserved items at the same time.

*We cannot ship individual products. Please note.

*Reserved products are marked with [ Reserved ] in the product name.


■Please be careful

1: Due to production reasons, the delivery date of the product may be delayed.

If there is a significant delay in the delivery of the product, we will notify the customer as soon as it is confirmed.

2: The image of the posted product is a sample. The design, size and color of the actual product may differ slightly.


Q: How will the pre-ordered items arrive?

A: After confirming your order, neith.onlinestore will send you an "order completion email (automatic transmission)".

*If you select credit card as the payment method, the payment will be completed at the same time as the order is confirmed.

After the product has been shipped, neith.onlinestore will send you a product shipment notification email (automatic transmission). Please wait until we arrive.


*Reserved products have different delivery times from regular sales products. Please check the delivery time on each product page.

*If you purchase a reserved item and a regular item at the same time, we will ship them together with the item that will be shipped later.
Please note that the same applies if you purchase multiple reserved items at the same time.



Q: Can I check the product size?


A: Detailed sizes are available on each product page.

We also have a size guide below.

size guide


Q: Can neith.onlinestore products be purchased at physical stores?


A: We are very sorry, but there are currently no plans to sell at physical stores.

You can only purchase from the official online store.


In addition, we plan to hold events such as pop-up shops irregularly.

We will inform you on the official online store and SNS at the time of the event.

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