Part 2: Miyu Takagi x neith. Special collaboration

With voice actor Miyu Takagi, who was very popular last time
nice collaboration.

The second release has been decided!

3 items this time!

What's more, each comes with a new year's card!
It also contains a signature and a message (copy).
I'm so happy to see Miyu-chan's lovely smile early in the new year! ! !
sweatshirt, shirt, cap
We have prepared three designs.
Trainers and shirts are completely made-to-order products.
Only caps are sold in limited numbers.
Even within the order period
SOLD OUT when the planned quantity is reached
Please be careful.
any item
If you miss this opportunity, you will never get it again
Please get it!

(Order period 11/12 21:00~11/27 23:59)

Miyu Takagi x neith. Half Cut Over Sweat

We have created a sweatshirt that can be worn in a variety of ways!

Miyu Takagi x neith. Half Cut Over Shirt

The shirt that was well received last time!
I made white this time!
You can even dock two!
Those who bought the shirt last time,
rest assured!
It's cute even if you match it with stripes!

Miyu Takagi x neith. Custom logo CAP

I made a cute cap! !
The Miyu (μ) x neith. mark has been completed.
Only here is a limited quantity, so
Get it early!

Check out Miyu Takagi x neith. Half Cut Over Sweat!

Check out Miyu Takagi x neith. Half Cut Over Shirt !

Miyu Takagi x neith. Check the custom logo CAP (Copper)!

Miyu Takagi x neith. Check out the custom logo CAP (Navy)!

We hope that those who purchased it last time will enjoy wearing it again.

I hope that those who buy it for the first time will enjoy it as well!

I want to enjoy fashion without gender.

How did you like this collaboration product filled with Miyu's thoughts?

The product page has a lot of styling and

I have a picture of a man wearing a dress.

Check it out!

Miyu Takagi x neith. Check all items!