What sunglasses should you buy this summer?

Full-fledged summer is finally here!

Now that wearing a mask is no longer a must, it seems like you can enjoy summer fashion for the first time in a while!

We have summarized this season's trends, so please refer to them when choosing sunglasses!

TREND1 [square shape]

Square type with a slightly stronger impression.
It reminds me of a determined, intelligent woman.
It may feel a little unapproachable, but try adding it to a sweet dress style!
The perfect balance of sweetness and spiciness will make your styling trendy. It's strange that last year's dress will make you look like this year.

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TREND2 [color frame & lens]

The colorful trend is gaining momentum, fueled by the rising temperatures! You don't even have to wear a mask, so it might be a good idea to enjoy the marriage of makeup and sunglasses.

Advanced items such as colored frames and colored lenses are also available.
Recommended for stylish men!

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TREND3 [goggle shape]

Sunglasses with a streamlined silhouette with a strong sporty impression are attracting attention, especially among fashionable people. If you turn on the goggle silhouette sunglasses with the styling of a cropped top and wide silhouette pants, it will be the latest style that is simple but quite finished. Just turning it on with a loose and loose T-shirt will make you look a little stranger.

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TREND4 [wide cat eye]

Long popular cat eye. This year, we recommend a slightly oblong silhouette and a moderately soft silhouette (thin triangular feeling). You can get a calm and mature look.
In fact, it is a shape that suits Japanese faces with less unevenness. It is a versatile shape that fits both dry and sweet styling.

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What did you think?
It makes me want all of them!

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