About product delivery


Q: Do you charge for shipping?

A: Shipping fee is 300 yen (tax included) for accessories purchased separately.
For other products, 700 yen (tax included) will be charged.
The total amount to be paid is the product price ( tax included ) + shipping fee.
Free for purchases over 15,000 yen (including tax) .

*The shipping fee of 300 yen for a single accessory is only applicable when only one item is purchased.
If you have selected a shipping fee of 300 yen as a non-applicable payment, we will contact you regarding the cancellation procedure.

*However, customers in Okinawa and remote islands will be charged a shipping fee of 1,600 yen (including tax) regardless of the purchase price. Please note.


Shipping charges to overseas are as follows.

Southeast Asia 5,500 yen South Korea, Taiwan, China 4,000 yen Europe, America, Oceania, etc. 10,000 yen

Can I change the shipping address after completing the order?


A: It is possible to change the shipping address before the product is shipped.

Please fill in the shipping address information after the change as follows and contact us from the top of the site or the contact form .


I want to change the shipping address.
order number:

Address after change: 〒

Destination name:

Your phone number:


please note

After receiving your inquiry, we will check the shipping status of the item.
Depending on the timing, it may not be possible to change the product because the shipping work is progressing.
Please check the delivery company and invoice number (tracking number) in the order completion email, and ask the delivery company's business contact to change the delivery address.

Q: When will the goods arrive?

A: Please check the following.

■Regular products

After confirming your order or confirming your payment, we will ship the product within 3 business days (excluding weekends and holidays).

*If you purchase a pre-order item at the same time, we will send it together with the late-shipping item. If you are in a hurry, we recommend ordering only regular items.

■ Reserved products

The delivery time of reserved products differs for each product. Please refer to each product page.

*Delivery may be delayed due to production reasons. Please note.

*Even if you purchase multiple reserved items at the same time, we will send them together with the late shipping items. If you are in a hurry, we recommend ordering a single item.


■ Precautions regarding delivery

・Business days are weekdays, excluding weekends and holidays. Please note that we do not ship products outside of business hours.

・Regarding temporary closures such as Obon, Golden Week , and year-end and New Year holidays, we will inform you on the top of the site and SNS each time.

・As soon as the delivery is completed, we will send you a shipping completion email.

・The arrival date may change due to road traffic conditions, unseasonable weather, etc. Also, delivery to remote islands may take some time.

Q: I have not received the item.

A: [ Regular products] will be shipped within 3 business days after your order is completed or your payment is confirmed.
In the case of [Reserved products], the delivery time differs for each product.
First, please make sure that the item you are ordering is not a pre-order item.

*If you purchase the reserved item at the same time, it will be shipped together with the delayed item.

 If you do not receive an email confirming the shipment of the product within 3 business days after completing the order or after confirming the payment, even though you ordered only regular products, please contact us to that effect. please let me know.

Q: Can you send it together with another order?

A: Due to the specifications of our ordering system, we ship products by order number.
Items with different order numbers cannot be shipped together. Please note

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