My Own Summer Style

My own summer colored with one-of-a-kind items

Infuse old clothes with the sensibility of neith.
created a completely new value

remake project.

Each one is unique and has a story.

If you spend this summer with them...

From large second-hand shirts to trendy micro short shirts
I made a camisole.
Adjustable length and width.
You can also wear it as a top as a set.
just the shirt.
Just match it with the dress you have
Trend feeling UP↑

Combining two T-shirts
Furthermore, neith.'s original rubber
Tapped on the hem.
Simple styling
So impressive.
Even though it's a T-shirt, it has an elegant feel to it.
I'm at a loss as to which one to choose...
Because no one is the same
The last time we met...
from old shirts
blouson style cropped shirt
I made.
Mostly cotton material
Perfect as a summer cover!
The work shirt type is also cute.
Surprisingly adult atmosphere.
A cute remake of the big tank.
The bold border is CUTE!
I like this style too!
Make the polo shirt cropped length,
Plus neith.'s original rubber.
A polo shirt with a serious face
With a dirty look...
Polo shirt x pin heel
You can enjoy coordinating it.
The clean and sophisticated atmosphere of neith.
A stylishly sublimated product.
no two are the same
A special Buddy just for you.

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