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Flower Jaquart Camisole Dress
flower jacquard camisole dress


Thin jacquard fabric with a nuanced flower motif.
The stretchy material accentuates the silhouette.
It keeps its shape even after washing.

We received a lot of feedback even after it was sold out.
Same camisole type dress as Random Tiered Dress.
It's a big charm that you can show a variety of expressions by matching it inside.
Of course, customers who could not purchase
I think that customers who already have it will be able to enjoy it with a slightly different impression from last year.

On the chest you can't see it at first glance
Delicate color-matched embroidery.
seems to be neith.
A playful commitment.

Adjustable with shoulder straps and waist straps.
It can be worn widely regardless of body type.
In addition, it is also a great point that you can change the size of the inner to match.
If it's the middle of summer, squeeze it tight and wear it in one piece
as an elegant dress
Attractive to wear.

What about black with white chic charm that gives off an outstanding presence?


Flower Jacquard Camisole Dress (White)

Flower Jacquart Camisole Dress (Black)

4lines shoulder padded T-shirt
Four-line shoulder padded T-shirt

Mercerized cotton sheeting that is smooth to the touch
Soft stretch for stress-free comfort.
The detailed surface gives you a mature look without being too casual.

With shoulder pads.
a casual t-shirt
You can enjoy the beautiful silhouette.

The cropped length makes you forget the unfashionableness of a T-shirt and you can wear it stylishly.

The grosgrain tape line is edgy.
The position of the print or embroidery
With Flower Jacquart Camisole Dress
I arranged it to match when I put it together.

Are you also an ant for black adults who have a refreshing white mode impression?

Even if you wear it casually with denim pants
The beautiful silhouette gives a refined impression.
The cropped length makes your skin look healthy.

Pair with track pants
For trendy street style.

Easily add a sporty accent
This T-shirt is sure to be a heavy use addition.


4lines Shoulder Padded T-Shirt(White)

4lines Shoulder Padded T-Shirt(Black)

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