1/20 (Friday) 21:00 START!

sample used for shooting.
What was left for lending in the press room,
samples that have not been commercialized,
Products that can no longer be sold due to the slightest amount of dirt or damage.
All of them are rare
It's a fun sale.

It is an exceptional sale unique to the sample.
Most of the products are one-of-a-kind items.
Take a look at some of our first products.
Check out the SAMPLE SALE here!
(It will be displayed after 21:00 on 1/20 (Friday).)
No. 19. A cropped shirt with a tie that is very popular and sold out!
It is 3,800 yen. Also available in blue.
No.7. Extremely rare. Cropped folded denim pants.
It is 7,100 yen.
No.4. The logo size inside Eri is different,
Minor scratches, etc.
2,100 yen.
Also available in beige. recommendation.
No.6. Materials that are different from the actual product.
Rare item. 2,800 yen.
No.1. There are small weave scratches.
3,600 yen.
No. 102. Phantom white collar.
1,500 yen, which is a bargain because it has a little feeling of use.
Also available in blue and black.
No. 69. No longer a staple of neith.! ?
A striped skirt with a beautiful silhouette.
3,700 yen.
No. 101. A very useful original tote.
2,000 yen.
No. 118. Green necklace tie sold out.
1,100 yen.
Does not come with a nail brooch.
Since we are still exhibiting other
Stay tuned for the day!

★Please read in advance★

●The sample used for the photo shoot is a B product with some scratches and dirt.
Please be aware of this before purchasing.

●We only sell items that have been determined by neith. to have no effect on wearability.

●Although we do our best to mark the scratches and stains that we have confirmed, there may be scratches and stains that we cannot recognize.

●As this is a special service item, we cannot accept returns or exchanges for any reason.

The fabric, buttons, design, etc. may differ from the official product.

●Some products may not have a brand name or washing quality indication.

●Products are not guaranteed when they are in the cart. The product will be secured when the payment is completed.

●We recommend registering an account in advance to ensure a smooth payment process.

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●If you have any questions in advance, please contact us. (Weekdays 11:00~19:00). Please be sure to specify the product number when inquiring.