6.24 (Fri.) 21:00 START!

sample used for shooting.
samples that have not been commercialized,
Products that can no longer be sold due to the slightest amount of dirt or damage.
All of them are rare
It's a fun sale.
Especially the sold out color this time
Many are for sale!
A must-see for those who missed it!
Also lots of boots.
at a great price
Let's get a little ahead of ourselves.

It is an exceptional sale unique to the sample.
Most of the products are one-of-a-kind items.
Take a look at some of our first products.
Check out the SAMPLE SALE here!

Super rare sold out color. ¥3,100.

beige too. ¥3,100.

¥2,100. This color is also sold out.


Also available in black. ¥2,100.

It sold out so quickly

Many people didn't get it...


Also available in beige.


Rare color sold out immediately. ¥2,100.

¥4,100. Boot sandals were very popular.

Boots that make your legs look longer. ¥3,200.

Stylish glasses. 800 yen.


There are more!

Enjoy the feeling of treasure hunting.

Stay tuned for the day!

Check out the SAMPLE SALE here!