Run through this summer! Strongest styling! Vol.2

~4lines Shoulder Padded T-Shirt~

Sorry I made you wait!
RUN IN DRESSES item is received at last.

We would like to introduce a recommended styling that combines the four-line shoulder padded T-shirt and neith. items!
Please use it as a reference along with the camisole dress version♡

~Flower Jacquart Camisole Dress~ is here!


THE sporty with track pants! Choose heels and a bag to complete a stylish outing style. A skillful style unique to a T-shirt with a beautiful silhouette.

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[ STYLE 8 ]

Excellent compatibility with rhinestone necklaces! Trendy Y2K style♡

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[ STYLE 9 ]

The double waist micro mini has a folded waist for a more mature look.

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[ STYLE 10 ]

Lined T-shirt, pearl necklace, compact silhouette bag, sporty socks, and heel pumps. This exquisite balance is fashionable advanced!

It has shoulder pads and a solid silhouette, so it goes well with a high-quality skirt.

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[ STYLE 11 ]

The cropped length makes it well balanced with a long skirt. The silky cut-and-sew material that is not too casual completes a beautiful style that other T-shirts do not have.

Check out [STYLE 11] items!

A T-shirt that can be worn maturely without looking unfashionable.
It has shoulder pads and a beautiful silhouette.
Let's run through this summer while enjoying dressing up full of ideas!