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Blocking Truck Pants (Sand Beige)

Blocking Truck Pants (Sand Beige)

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Mainly made of highly elastic and supple jersey, satin has a beautiful sheen, and two-color piping cord adds a sporty accent. Although the design is elaborate, it is easy to move in, living up to the name track pants!

Adding volume from the knees down. Switching the sideline wide. A bold diagonal gather switch. The balance of all this makes it look thinner and longer than it actually is. Truly style-up pants.
Not only the shape but also the sense of color scheme is breathtaking.

Gathers that give a sporty vibe. Colorful piping cord adds a touch of accent. The seasonal theme "REMBRANDT" logo adds to the trendy feel.

Needless to say, it's a special outfit to wear as a set-up with the track jacket (short or long types are also available) that will be released at the same time. In that case, we recommend pairing it with accessories such as sunglasses or heeled pumps.
Pair it with a frilly blouse that has a completely different taste, or a tank top that is as simple as you can. The bottom has a strong presence, so don't worry and enjoy the challenge! ! !

Color: Sand Beige (2 colors available)
Material: Main body/85% polyester 15% polyurethane Separate fabric/100% polyester

size F
waist 64~70cm
Total Length 111cm
inseam 77cm
ferry 62cm
Hem width 58cm

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