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Leather Quilting Coat (Gray)

Leather Quilting Coat (Gray)

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Soft faux leather and quilted fabric with original pattern.
The use of different materials of the same color creates a rich yet light feel, creating a coat that you can wear every day.

The short jacket is reversible and the sleeves can be removed. By removing the sleeves, you can wear it from early fall and enjoy it for a long time until early spring.
Quilted with original stitching, it is very warm even in the middle of winter. The long side slits and long length are also nice.
The large stand collar design not only provides warmth, but also makes your face look smaller.

neith.The original monogram quilt has an outstanding presence and a style that stands out from others.

Why not try it as a long gilet first?
A short jacket goes great with wide track pants. It would also be nice to add a little layer to the Flower Jacquart Camisole Dress .
The long silhouette covers everything, so it's nice to be able to style it just by putting it on on busy mornings.

Color: Gray (1 color available)
Synthetic leather blouson/50% polyester, 50% polyurethane
Quilt/100% polyester
Quilt filling/100% polyester

short jacket size F
Length 36cm
bust 61cm
Sleeve length 88cm

Inner vest size F
Length 122cm
bust 114cm
Hem width 150cm

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